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My name is Phillip Jacobson and I am the director of Momenta Kids and Homestay Adventure.  Please allow me to explain a little about our immersion camp experience and inform you about what makes our organization unique.


  • Experience and Expertise

We have been running camps for over 8 years with experience of over 200 camps.  Our staff are skilled and well trained in running camps effectively, engaging the students in conversation, making campers feel comfortable, instilling confidence and making a lasting positive impact on their lives.  Our instructors comprise of a core of ESL professionals.  We also include additional staff of a younger age, such as exchange students to add additional variety to the teaching group.  However we do not hand over our program to be run by inexperienced camp facilitators.


  • Created and Run by Native English Speaking Educators

Momenta is run by native English speaking educators.  Our curriculum, schedule and activities are designed by the people who run them.  This means that the facilitators have a deep understanding of each activity and the desired outcome.  Our camp program is not simply designed by a third party and handed to the foreign teaching staff.  Our program is unique and designed by the facilitators to ensure proper and effective execution of each aspect of the camp.  Many other camp programs are designed by Japanese staff and handed to the foreign staff to execute, resulting in a difference in educational approach and misunderstandings.  Our program is created from start to finish by native English speakers while ensuring valuable input is given by our Japanese partners.


  • Education + Entertainment  EDU-TAINMENT

Momenta considers itself a edutainment company.  We strongly believe in the importance of fun and excitement within our curriculum.  English is a communication tool, and therefore it is important to give the campers a context within which to communicate.  This cannot be achieved in a traditional sit down, passive style, textbook based learning environment.  Our games and activities are fun and designed to get the campers talking. Beyond being fun, they  are specifically designed with a strict educational element.


  • Foreign Staff Numbers and possibility of Foreign participants.

Depending on the time of the year, Momenta is able to introduce foreign participants in addition to foreign instructors to the camp.  This means that the students are able to have a close relationship throughout all aspects of the camp with native speaking youth of their same or similar age.  This makes a marked difference when evaluating the effect of the camp on the participant due to the fact these campers participate in all activities in the same capacity.


  • Customization and Preparation

Our programs can be customized to the needs of the school and their students.  We recommend that students become familiar with the program at least 3 months before the date of the camp.  At this time, we hand out parts of the curriculum for them to review so that they may familiarize themselves with the language they will use at camp and understand the goal of the program.  This helps us to greatly improve the overall result for participants.


We thank you for your consideration.

Phillip Jacobson.   

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